Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gettin' Fancy!

In case you forgot, it snowed on Tuesday! Crazy!

My Bikram Yoga 60 day challenge is winding down. 9 days left!
I decided to further challenge myself by taking a "double" on Wednesday. I took the 10am regular class and the 1215 advanced class. Four hours of yoga later I was ready for a nap, an epsom salt bath, and a slathering of muscle cream.

The instructors at my studio are amazing. They not only are completing their own challenge, but they teach classes on top of that. And they regularly take doubles with students to motivate them. So I decided to bring a few of my kale chips to give to the teachers.

This time I wanted to try two new flavors, Orange Sesame and Salt n' Vinegar.
I toasted sesame seeds
For the Orange Sesame: orange juice and orange zest, crushed ginger, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, and dark soy sauce

The other batch had Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar, Kosher salt, and lemon juice

I also decided to make labels.
Even though some of the chips did not end up as crispy as before and I now know what to do to my next batches to make them extra vinegary, I hope everyone who got to try them enjoyed!


TexasDeb said...

Orrr if the Peace Corp isn't smart enough to snap you up maybe you could sell those kale chips. Not only do they sound totally delicious, the labels you designed are fabulous. You are such a talented young lady!

Love the snow photo and that you were recognized for your booth. Keep up the good work and pat yourself on the back for me please!

Matt said...

Those look so tasty! Great label art too. If you happen to have extra chips at the time you come to visit, I would gladly take some off of your hands :-)