Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Utah Part 1

Day One of Utah Vacation:

Gambling in Nevada for the first time after leaving the airport. (Ten whole dollars turned in to dust in less than 10 minutes)

Hurricane, Utah. Home of Randy's folks. I love me some pomegranate trees, and they have three around their abode.

I have met three of Randy's four brothers, his "wicked" funny mom and pop, the family dog Mocha, and the pet duck.

Randy's mom took me on a quick tour of Zion. We saw the Virgin River and drove part of the Switchback. Dramamine has served me well.

I feel lucky to have my very own rock hound (Randy's mother) to show me around. She gave me a box to store all the goodies I find while here, I wish I could carry on the flight some of the beautiful boulders I have already encountered.

Michele is an amazing collector of antique and rusty treasures. She builds stuff..... out of rocks and stuff.... And is quite the eccentric lady........ And we have twin cameras.

Every time I go outside (or walk around inside), I find more interesting and beautiful things to look at. Not too shabby of a vacation, I'll say. And tomorrow Randy and I will drive about 2 hours and go skiing all day.....Weeee!


xymarla said...

What a lovely trip! Hi to Randy and to Spence! xo

PassivePastry said...

I'll give then your "hi"! I forget Spencer lived in Austin- it's so fun seeing randy around his brothers :) merry Christmas lady!