Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Little House in Hurricane, Utah

Here are some more photos of Hurricane and the abode that Randy's folks live in.
I am taking it easy, cooking a few dishes for tomorrow and resting my sore body because every muscle aches from skiing...Even my fingers under my nails.

Mr. Duck.


Stonework all done by Randy's mom.

Stones all found and collected by Randy's mom. She has buckets and buckets of beautiful rocks of every type and petrified wood.

Backyard Treasures.

I've had a taste of why this town is called Hurricane- you can hear the wind howling outside at night.

It's nice and cold here but the sun is shining, exposing the many reds in the rocks and burnt orange soil, subtle reminders of Austin. :)

Off to peel eggs...
Merry Christmas Eve!

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