Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've Been Slackin'

But I've been craftin'....

Due to lack of time and my dead money tree, there will be fewer (but more crafty) presents for friends and family this year.

While away from the Blogiverse, I have been sick, resting, stressing, crafting, and preparing for my upcoming adventures. On Saturday I will be heading home to Odessa and then to Utah for the first time in my lil' life with the boy to visit his semi-homeland.

I cannot share what I have been making since I will be giving them to some of the readers, but I can show you what I planted in my bathroom! (My going away present from Central Market to myself)
It was a little scary how fast this thing bloomed- like an alien, it was.

And I can show you my awesome paper star that Shaela taught me to make and is now the primary Winter decor in our abode.

The stars served as awesome decorations for my housemates Hanukkah Party last Saturday, where I got to see my very first Menorah lighting. It was beautiful.

I'm very lucky to have such grand roommates. And because of them I have tried Latkes and Matzo Ball Soup! Hoorah!

Latkes, served with applesauce and sour cream

Dradle, of course

I hope you all have safe travels and stay warm over the Holly-Days! I will be posting many pictures of my travels.
Until then....


Matt said...

When are you guys leaving for Utah? We want to send you something in the mail.

texasdeb said...

Travel safe and return home happy and well please. We'll leave a light on here in Austin for ya....