Thursday, October 22, 2009


This weekend will be Zombielicious!!

Friday- Zombieland viewing with Randy and Co. I hope it's not too scary- I am a weenie Zombie poser lady.

Saturday- Thrill the World Dancing! Complete with a full dance lesson at 5pm and a mass Thriller dance at 8pm which will hopefully break the world record- weeeee!
Description from the Alamo Drafthouse Page:
On Saturday, October 24 we'll have the main event at the iconic abandoned power plant in downtown Austin: SEAHOLM! The festivities that day will start at 5pm with a FULL LESSON for anyone that hasn't had a chance to learn the dance yet. Then promptly at 8pm we'll join in with all of the Thrill the World dancers from across the world, setting at least one world record and maybe, just maybe, taking Mexico City down as well. After that performance, we'll have multiple screens set up to play music videos and more and we'll celebrate with Austin's first Rolling Roadshow outdoor Sing-Along with a full on Michael Jackson Dance Party.
Fun pictures to come! Nothing planned for Sunday yet, but word on the street is I am being thrown a pickle picnic! Color me Green!
The weekend is forecasted to be beeeeauteeful! Get out there and get yer Zombie on!!

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