Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pizza Much?

Randymanboy and I have been on a pizza kick.
Actually, I think Randy could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it. I get sick of the idea of what it is doing to my waistline, but I love it all the same.
The following pizzas were inspired by the delicious parmesan pizza crusts sold in the bakery section at Central Market.

Pizza #1 and #2-
Baked potato Pizza.
Made with purple and red potatoes, bacon, broccoli, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.
One pizza had a ranch/sour cream sauce and the other had an alfredo sauce.

Pizza #3-
Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.
Made with pepperoni, bacon, Kraft mac-n-cheese spirals, black olives, 2 cheeses, tomato/alfredo (pink) sauce, and a bread crumb topping.

Pizza #4-
Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Version 2.
Made with MORE pepperonis, bacon, green chili sauce + pink sauce, Velveeta shells-n-cheese, two kinds of cheese, bread crumb topping.

We have more plans such as a tuna pizza with capers and dessert pizzas, oh my!
Perhaps it is a good thing the 'ole CM is cutting my hours big time because Randy has suggested we come up with a pizza for every day of the year.


texasdeb said...

A pizza for every day of the year. What a delightful concept. Some folks'll eat a sandwich nearly every day of the week and think nothing of it - pizza isn't all THAT different. Carb plus condiment plus something.

We eat pizza around here once a week under normal circumstances, hopefully exerting enough self control to have leftovers for one person's lunch the next day. Hopefully.....

teaching socially said...

love you

xymarla said...

A. MA. ZING. That mac and cheese pizza has me burning with covetousness.