Sunday, October 11, 2009


Clydene Celeste Damron(English)- 8th Grade
Mee-Maw turned 80 in September.

Mee-Maw is my mom's mom and has collected bells over the years while on her travels. Us grandchildren used to ring the ones on her entry shelves and she would threaten to make us dust them. My brothers and I had first pick and I took home 6 or 7 bells; most of them were from India and one was an old school bell- because I'm a teacher and all.
Mee-Maw decided to give away bells at her birthday- she gave away well over 150 bells.
There was a grand slide show put together by my brothers and I designed the invitation.
A deeeeelicious raspberry butter cream cake was served.
My brother Tony flew in from Connecticut. Between him, my other brother Ben, and me, we had plenty of photos of the event .

There were 4 generations and some of my Mee-Maw's oldest friends present.

One man even told me that he and my grandmother used to ride horses to their schoolhouse together. Bah!

My friend Mollie who I've known since elementary played the harp.

It was a grand 'ole time. Happy Birthday Mee-Maw!!
(She is kind of adored by all)


Lacy said...

Madison was so excited to get a couple of MeeMaw's bells.

TexasDeb said...

What a sweet idea - well two sweet ideas actually. Celebrating with everybody coming in from near and far and then Mee-Maw sharing her bells that way. Just adorable. Happy Belated Birthday Mee-Maw - you are awesome.