Sunday, July 26, 2009

An unfortunate chain of events....

I've been feeling crafty lately, and have been decoupaging the top and the drawer of a lil' plain white table for my new abode. (Yes, I found somewhere to live!! I will be moving in this Wednesday through Friday! Weee!)

Began decoupage project, stood up on knees to work and cut my knee with the EXACTO knife that had been lying on the ground.

Pain level: Tolerable
Blood loss: Minimal- a nice clean cut with blood running down my leg, but no more than you'd get from cutting yourself shaving or something.

Was trimming paper to put inside the drawer. Somehow managed to STAB the EXACTO the entire length of the blade in to my hand below my right thumb.

Pain level: 10+
Blood loss: fountain-like

As soon as I stabbed myself the blood began dripping all over the counter and down my hand. Stupidly, my first thought was to grab my camera and take a picture of my hand for blogging purposes. But as the blood dripped all over my kitchen counter, cabinets, and floor and the pain started radiating up my arm I decided against it.

Randy came over and patched me up. We decided not to waste money/time on a couple of stitches.

I took a painkiller and rested my hand all night. It hurt well in to Saturday so I had to call and cancel a house painting gig that I was supposed to do. Phooey.

Be careful- craftin' can be a dangerous work!


TexasDeb said...

Oh kiddo- keep an eye on that. Your tetanus shots are up to date, yeah? I ALWAYS hurt myself when I craft. Hot glue gun? Exacto knife? Both implements of personal destruction in my hands.

PassivePastry said...

thanks missy :) my mom was worried as well and suggested i get all tetanused- I called my doctor and I am up to date.... My hand shouldn't fall off!