Monday, July 20, 2009

Say Candy!

Marny, Evie and I (and beer bucket) in the Phil's Icehouse photobooth

I worked a scrapbook table at a fancy schmancy wedding reception. This wedding reception spread across several rooms of the Four Seasons downtown, included a full brass band, catered sushi and sorbet shaped like real fruit, 2 full open bars, and much more. (They brought in brand new white carpet to create a "white room" with the 6+ tiered bride's cake)

At this reception I discovered two things that I MUST have at my future wedding shin-dig.

1) Self-serve candy table.
The table was decked out with a giant flower arrangement surrounded by beautiful crystal bowls and tubes of all sizes that were filled with candy in the wedding colors. Jelly bellys, licorice sticks, chocolate covered something-or-others, etc. etc. etc. All to be scooped out by the guests into a baggy to take home.

Trying out the booth

2) Photo booth/scrapbook table.
The photo booth man assisting everybody (he was actually just drinking and scooping candy out of the candy bar) estimated that it cost 800-900 per night. WELL worth it.
Basically every guest gets to take their picture in this photo booth and there are awesome hats, sunglasses, and headbands to wear. You even get to pick black and white or color. You are then given TWO strips of photos- one to take home with you and one to stick into a scrap book page.
My friend Marny and I really did stay busy all night helping the less-creative or less-sober folks create their pages. All the pages turned out fantastic and at the end of the night we had a huge stack of completed, personalized pages that simply had to be stuck in to a wedding scrapbook.
I think this is the way to go.
On top of that, the photo booth records all of the pictures that are taken all night, and the bride and groom get the disk at the end of the wedding night. So none of the guests can hide their pictures from ya. I guess that means Marny and my photo will be included in this happy couple's wedding memories forever.
Go find a photo booth and have some fun!

Marny and I trying to change costumes for each frame.....


TexasDeb said...

fabulous ideas and adorable photos! Did you know this couple or were you hired on to help?

PassivePastry said...

i was hired on. but i will say it was the daughter of a Dell-ionaire. :)