Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I: Part 2


Am almost finished with my last college assignment EVER... A giant professional teaching portfolio. 

Am trying to find a new home for my cat Emma, who peed on some student artwork that was supposed to go in to the above portfolio. She also regularly poops on my floor- never in her litter box. (Any takers??)

Am about to start a massive job search for any available art teaching gig in or surrounding Austin. 

Ran in the 2009 Undie Run and swam in the UT fountain. 

Was quoted in the Daily Texan about my experience doing the Undie Run. 

Am broke. 

Am getting ready to mail out graduation announcements that will (hopefully) temporarily cure my broke-ness. 

Was given a cake on my last day of student teaching and a student sculpture. 

Am super proud of all of my student's art work. 

Wire and Pantyhose Sculptures, 8th Grade

More to come when I am officially done with the schooling....

1 comment:

TexasDeb said...

Wire and pantyhose? Weird but wow.

Sorry to hear about Emma. Sounds like she might be the teensiest bit difficult to place unless she is willing to "transition" to being an out of doors kitty.

We have to keep our kitty indoors - too many raccoons and coyotes around these 'burbs. Also weird, but no "wow" on that one.

City of Austin PARD used to need artsy folks to teach summer programs at Daugherty Arts Center. Do you work on commission?