Monday, May 25, 2009

I don't know where to begin......

I am now a graduate, with two bachelors, of UT Austin. 

I received bunches of stuffs so far.... One of those stuffs was this awesome camera. 

Another stuffs, pictured on finger: white gold ring with 14 diamonds and a garnet (my birthstone)

For the past week I've been a busy, busy geezer. Doing things like hanging out with the fam, eating delicious food, hoola hooping, watching Casablanca at the Paramount, spending the night in a haunted Driskill room, learning to knit, and making bananas fosters rice crispy treats. Rough, I know.  

White chocolate rice crispy treats topped with grilled banana puree, white chocolate chips, and homemade brandy caramel sauce. :)

I'll try to do some more informative or themed blogs soon, but for now I have to go do 'important' things like take showers and deposit moneys and hopefully fit a swim in somewhere. 

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