Sunday, February 15, 2009

Runny Eyes

Congratulations Emmanuel!!!!!

This morning at the Austin Marathon, Em qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon!!
He finished somewhere around 3:07 (3 hours and 7 minutes) and needed 3:10 to qualify... For those of you who don't know, this means he was doing a little over a seven minute mile....FOR TWENTY SIX MILES!
Emmanuel has been working his arse off to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He ran his first marathon only two years ago, and after finishing claimed "Next, I'm going to qualify for Boston!"
Well, you did it! Yay!
This goes to show that determination and freakishly hard work really do pay off. Em works for RunTex. He runs with a running group and has a coach who was a former Boston finisher and top ranked runner. He even fills up the water jugs around Town Lake for all you other Austin runners. 
Boston is full for this year, so he will be running in it in 2010. My mom is already making plans to go. If I am in the Peace Corps, I wont be able to make it unfortunately. 
Congrats Em!!!

As for me, I am at home with TWO pink eyes. Thank you children at school. (I'm assuming I got it from them) I'm trying to wait til Monday to go to the UT doctor and get the ole antibiotics. Waking up with goo-glued eyeballs= not fun. 
But at least they aren't swollen shut... yet. 


TexasDeb said...

Yikes! I am trying to not even imagine what is going on in that last photograph... Hope your eyes are unglueyfied soonest. And, congrats to Em for real. I will walk a little faster tomorrow morning in his honor (I only run if there is a large carnivore chasing me and then only reluctantly).

Time to Vent said...
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Emb0 said...

thanks for all your support! let's not forget that you are the one that ummmmmm "motivated" to start running in the first place. oh yeah kyoto's sometime this week?