Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poor Me Another.

Still workin' on my camera techniques.

This summer has been a busy one. It began with a bang- a graduation and huge family gathering in Austin with lots of eating, visiting, and gifts.

As thankful I am for that event, I've been realizing a lot lately with the heat and my seemingly eternally empty bank account that I haven't really done much relaxing or vacationing or getting away. Not even any real stay-cation. I've always been under the impression that summers are meant to be spent frolicking around in green grass and skipping on rainbows with unicorns and such. But not this summer, not even close.

Let the complaints begin:

  • I haven't seen nearly enough of my pooch Merydeth.
  • This summer has consisted of my constantly scrounging for money.
  • And looking desperately for teaching jobs- an exhausting process, especially when it doesn't ever seem to pay off.
  • Needing more money.
  • Finding occasional jobs- but not enough.
  • And finally, most recently, a move in to a new Eastside abode with two lovely people, Jess and Dylan. (Attempting to move away from my college abode and save a few bucks)

Even though I do not feel rested, I do not feel travelled, and I do not feel like I will ever be financially sound, I have accomplished a lot and done quite a bit to smile about this summer.

  • I went to Barton Springs for the FIRST TIME in my 5 years in college.
  • I went tubing for the FIRST TIME in New Braunfels. And only this year went tubing with Marny for the first time ever in a river..... I actually am quite "tan" compared to most summers- a nice shade of off-white.
  • I started Sprouting, and successfully grew a jar full of cute (and delicious!) lil' sprouts!
  • I got a job as the Art 2/3 teacher (a once-a-week gig) at the Austin Great Wall Chinese School.
  • I have a second interview to be a program leader coming up for Heart House, which would be a great job at an after-school program located really close to my new house. Fingers crossed!
  • And I recently went to our family get together at Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo and ate a fantastic shrimp and crab leg boil. The guys all had to stand in the rain (I finally saw real rain!!!) under umbrellas to finish the boil but I think it was well worth it. :)

I am hopeful.....
Soon enough I will have a job and be out of this 'recent grad, no money' funk and will scurry off to Belize.
Or at least the beach??
But at least for now I'm trying to keep my chin up.... all the better to keep the food in me mouth.

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