Sunday, August 16, 2009

M.A. in Meat.

While conducting some nightly internet research... Or, ummmmm, reading food blogs, I discovered this beauty-
Bacon Explosion!!
"Inside a mold of country sausage is pork belly, bacon and smoked sausage—which was layered and rolled into a loaf. This center pork core was wrapped in ham and a layer of peppery sausage before being manipulated into the shape of a pig—which included garlic for eyes, tomatoes for ears and a jalapeƱo for a tail. After a final layer of bacon, the “pig” weighed in at 15 pounds and took two hours to cook. Photo courtesy of"

And then I saw this one.....
db Burger Double Truffle

"This specialty sandwich, available at db Bistro Moderne in Manhattan, sells for a whopping $150—but it’s certainly something to marvel at. Stuffed inside the burger are braised short ribs along with a flavorful helping of foie gras, which is topped with 20 grams of shaved black truffles and served inside a crispy Parmesan bun. Photo courtesy of db Bistro Moderne"

I love the interweb.

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